Скачать AIMP 4.10.1831 - История изменений

Изменения в AIMP 3.55.1338

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Некоторые исправления работы с плагинами, аудио-библиотекой и других незначительных ошибок

Изменения в AIMP 3.51.1288

- Sound Engine: TAK decoder has been updated
- Sound Engine: Cache system has been improved - CPU usage has been reduced
- Playlists: auto name algorithm has been improved
- Tag Editor: The progress of current operation is now displaying on the taskbar button
- Skin Engine: The sizes of windows now automatically adjusted after screen resolution changing
- Fixed: Common - The Ctrl + Page Up / Ctrl + Page Down hot keys does not work in secondary windows if its have been used as local hot keys in the player.
- Fixed: Common - Bugs in some localizations
- Fixed: Common - Format line parser does not process "," set of symbols correctly
- Fixed: Sound Engine - Tracks with long names cannot be played in some cases
- Fixed: Sound Engine - No an ability to pause file playback, if it located on remote server
- Fixed: Sound Engine - Program crashes during radio capture process, if playable track has incorrect symbols in one of its tag fields
- Fixed: File Save Dialogue - No overwrite confirmation in some cases
- Fixed: Browse Folder Dialogue - The Ctrl + Up / Ctrl + Down hot keys does not work
- Fixed: Playlists - Deletion of the collapsed group expand group which placed below
- Fixed: Playlists - Playlists Manager deletes playlists pass the recycle bin
- Fixed: Playlists - the "Save playlist 'Default'" option is ignores when closing playlist tab
- Fixed: Skin Engine - An ability to resize window is blocked after change skin to another without maximization support if window is maximized
- Fixed: Skin Engine - Converter ignores special settings for All-In-One skins
- Fixed: Pandemic AIO Skin - No ability to drag player window by its caption
- Fixed: Audio Converter - Bugs with parameters selection in the "WMA Encoder Settings" dialogue
- Fixed: Audio Converter - Bugs with parameters selection in the "OGG Vorbis Encoder Settings" dialogue
- Fixed: Tag Editor - Incorrect files order in the "Analysis Result" dialogue
- Fixed: Tag Editor - The M4A tag missing in the tags list for group removing / applying tag fields values
- Fixed: Tag Editor does not recognize files which located in the Windows Libraries
- Fixed: Audio Library does not take initial rating of file into account when adding file to database
- Fixed: Audio Library displays wrong data in the report
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

Изменения в AIMP 3.20.1165

* Tag Editor: Cover art now stored to special section in FLAC format
* Player: The Algorithm of catching CUE sheets for audio files with double extension has been improved
- Fixed: Audio Converter - Sample format saves incorrectly for command line encoders
- Fixed: Audio Converter - Error occurs when trying to remove virtual track from disk
- Fixed: Radio Capture - Unable to choose command line encoder for capture
- Fixed: The "Ctrl+Del" hotkey is intercepted by playlist from secondary text input elements
- Fixed: The content of playlist stops drawing in some cases
- Fixed: Player doesn't play sound, if initialization of DSP-plugin failed
- Fixed: Player doesn't detect CD-drive at "A" letter

Изменения в AIMP 3.10.1074

- Common: Localizations has been updated
- Fixed: The Audio Converter removes dots from file name
- Fixed: The autoname for playlist calculates incorrectly, if name of the folder contains dot symbol
- Fixed: Player hangs on attempt to read tags of some files in APE format
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

Изменения в AIMP 3.10.1072

- Common: Localizations has been updated
- Sound Engine: The algorithm of advanced channels processing has been improved
- Skin Engine: Compatibility with AIMP2 skins has been improved
- Plugins: Rendering speed of visualizations has been increased
- Plugins: Compatibility with Last.fm Client v2 has been improved
- Fixed: The Audio Converter ignores command line switches
- Fixed: The Audio Converter raises an exception, if "move output to..." options is active and target path is empty
- Fixed: The Audio Converter increases tempo of composition twice when encoding to MP3 Mono format
- Fixed: Player used to jump over one track after deleting file from the playlist in some cases
- Fixed: Player resumes playback on startup incorrectly, if previously playing file has been removed from the playlist
- Fixed: Player resumes playback queue incorrectly, if two or more playlists has same name
- Fixed: Incremental search does not work in the Tag Editor's genre selector menu
- Fixed: The Audio Library does not suggest to create a new group in some cases when navigating by fields values
- Fixed: %IN macros is expanded incorrectly when sending files from playlist to external directory
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

Изменения в AIMP 3.10.1061

- Audio Converter: Displaying the progress of conversion operation in window caption has been added
- Common: Localizations has been updated
- Player: The following equalizer presets has been added: Headphones / Reggae / Ska / Techno
- Fixed: Audio Converter incorrectly calculates target sample rate in some cases
- Fixed: Playback cursor does not resets after playlist clearing
- Fixed: Incompatibility with the Skype - its not allow to drop the files on the input box, if its not focused
- Fixed: Bugs with displaying the Equalizer Window when using old skin
- Fixed: Track removes from playing queue twice at the start of playback
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects

Изменения в AIMP 3.00.985

Изменения в AIMP 3.00.981

- Localizations were updated
- Playlist: Algorithm of CUE sheets catching for the audio files has been improved - support of files with double extensions has been added
- Fixed: Buffer for DMO effects is not cleared after playback stopping
- Fixed: Information about the duration of the files is read incorrectly from the playlist in PLS format
- Fixed: Autoname for equalizer preset generates incorrectly for the virtual files
- Fixed: "Default" button in DSP Manager resets all of its settings to their default values only on the second pressing
- Fixed: Number of the track in the playback queue cuts off in playlist in some cases
- Fixed: Folder and Files aren't sorted by thier names on adding them from Windows Explorer
- Fixed: Data from CUE sheets aren't caught up for files in .DTS
- Fixed: Applications hangs on attempt to play file without audio data, but with tags
- Fixed: Player doesn't allow to add files in AIFF format to playlist
- Fixed: Small scratches can be heard on quiet tracks when equalizer is switched on
- Fixed: Plugins - Online Radio Browser: Error occurres on attempt to switch to "IceCast" tab, if one of the record doesn't contain information about the bitrate
- Fixed: Plugins - Some visualizations from AIMP2 don't work on AIMP3
- Fixed: Plugins - Lastfm Client Helper crashes on attempt to show plugin settings, if Lastfm Client doesn't installed
- Fixed: Plugins - List loses focus after changing state of plugin

Изменения в AIMP 3.00.976

+ Basque localization was added
* Localizations were updated
* Player: Radio station name is now set automatically on starting playback, if it has not been set before by the user
* Tag Editor: Track number is no longer stored in the ID3v1, if it value more than 255
- Fixed: Player - part of the next track sounds in the end of current track, if "shuffle" mode is active
- Fixed: Player - "A-B Repeat" function drops playback position to beginning in some cases
- Fixed: Tag Editor - buttons in footer panel doesn't display, if height of the screen less than 600 pixels
- Fixed: Tag Editor - the table doesn't update after using tag autofill function
- Fixed: Plugins - last.fm plugin doesn't start scrobbling sometimes
- Fixed: Small bugs and defects